Monday, July 16, 2012

Review: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs


Pages:  352
Genre:  Supernatural
Age:  YA
Part of a Series:  Probably
Finished: July 1st 2012

Ugh.. argh... *grumble*
I was quite disappointed in this book. I so wanted to love this but I didn't.
First let me help with something that people have been having trouble with; the name is pronounced "Pair-uh-grin".
Secondly, the pictures were pretty.
Okay, I'm done with my review. That's enough, right? -_-
I have had to force myself to write any further as I was just that annoyed with this book. The author was quite arrogant with his writing. made annoyingly cocky characters, and really forced this book. There was a LOT of "oh, like in that picture?" or "he must do that a lot because there was a picture" or "you look a lot like a photo". OKAY! We get it! There are freakin' pictures in the book! Stop announcing it! It's as though he figures the reader is a moron and won't make the connection between photographs. Which, by the way, may have been a bad idea after all. The pictures are lovely, as their own seperate thing but when being forced on the reader as pictures of the actual characters in can get screwy as none of them look a like. There will be 7 pictures, all supposed to be of one character, and none of them will look like the other. It also makes it so you can't develop an idea of a character on your own. It's like putting a photo on the cover of the book and telling us that's the lead. Well, maybe my idea of the lead would have been much more kick ass and you've now forced this lesser heroine/hero on me and it just flops.
Ignoring the photo concept (hard to do) the storyline was also a wash. It had potential but round about the middle of the book it was like the writer got bored and just rushed about to shove as much crap in as he could before the end.

Also, what the hell was up with the lead hooking up with his grandpa's sloppy seconds?? How sick is that?! Mr Riggs, you've lost a reader of any of your future or past works. I don't want to risk reading anymore filth like that. Ugh.

-end spoiler-
This book is also one of those that ends like there should be at least another chapter but is instead bound to be followed with a sequel, because the world hates me.
Honestly, I wouldn't waste a penny on a copy. If you really must read it, grab a copy at your local library.

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