Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Oh, hey there!

So, I have tried the blog thing over and over again and just find myself forgetting to update or find I have nothing to write. What am I doing here, than? You ask. I figure I'll give this another go.
I only recently found out that book blogging/YouTubing exsisted (yes, I am obviously behind in the times and I'm only 25 *sigh*). With my increase in reading lately (a lack of a steady job will do that, ah, the joys of nannying) I thought I'd try my hand at blogging about my fav and not so fav reads, the recent treasures I've found, or the great book I found at the library.
You won't find me talking about the ebook I recently found for my Kindle/nook/whatever as I dispise ebooks. I'll be honest and say I have a few but I paid not a dime for them and only have them for review purposes/figure out if I want to buy the book for real. I read them on my laptop, I will never own an ebook reader. Don't get me wrong, everyone should read and if the only way you're going to read is on some electronic device, I suppose it's better than nothing. Do keep in mind, my book will never get a glitch or virus, if my book gets wet it will dry out and be read again not be lost forever, if I drop it it won't break, if I misplace my one book it won't make my entire library disappear, and I will be able to read my book all day and all night without having to worry about the words vanishing because the battery ran out. It just urks me the amount of people getting rid of all their books with the excuse "Oh, I got a Kindle, I don't need books anymore". Arrgghh. These are the same people who will have a fit when their laptop goes on the fritz in class and all their notes are lost (I'm the student off to the side with a pen and a notebook only having to worry about a writer's callus).
Now this is a way to start a blog, not with gumdrops and rainbows but with sarcasam and bitterness. I'm off to such a great start. ;)

Coming up in following days a couple reviews (Unwind by Neal Shusterman and Divulgent by Veronica Roth), a few massive hauls (as soon as I can get my video editing software to work), and anticipated reads.

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