Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mini Update

I've been wanting to post my "Thank You Mr. Postman" entry but I'm still waiting on a book to arrive. *sigh* The waiting game, it is no fun.
I figure since I have to wait on the book to arrive I'll go ahead and wait to make/post my awesome book-y finds as I'll be attending a first annual swap meet that looks like it will be tons 'o fun.
In other book type news I am spreading the love of Unwind, one friend at a time. So help me if they mess up my copy. :P
I have a couple reviews to come (Paper Towns by John Green, Legend by Marie Lu, and Gone by Michael Grant), the hauls/TYMP, and I may do a meme.


Told you this was a mini update.

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merriejayne meadows said...

You should read Where'd You Go, Bernadette?
It's a great little book! If you're anything like me you'll gobble it up in no time!
Happy story feasting!